Terms & Conditions

By registering you agree with the following terms of use:

1. The DarkTraxx-downloads are for playing in clubs, radiostations and private use only. Duplication for other purposes is not permitted. It’s not allowed to forward the darktraxx-downloadlinks. Please tell your fellow DJs to register on DarkTraxx themselves if they’re interested in our service.

2. You guarantee that you work regularly as a DJ. If you change your residence, club / radio programme or stop working as DJ please inform us about it.

3. Our service is free of charge for DJs and you have no obligations using it.

DarkTraxx frees you from the tiresome task of filling in a vast number of DJ-promotion-evaluation-forms. We don’t require any feedback from you about the tracks we send.

4. We withhold the right to mail a list of all DJs using DarkTraxx (including the information about residence clubs/stations and hometown) to our partners (only labels, publishing companies and bands who want to release their repertoire on the DarkTraxx library). Naturally we don’t forward your email address.

5. You can cancel our service whenever you want. You just have to send an e-mail to unsubscribe@darktraxx.com.

We withhold the right to cancel your DarkTraxx-account if you wilfully falsify information about your DJ-activities. If you release DarkTraxx-repertoire or forward the darktraxx-download-links we will immediately terminate your account without notice.

6. Legal domicile in case of litigation about this agreement is the district court responsible for DarkTraxx.