Frequently Asked Questions

This is entirely your decision. Of course, promoting before the official release always carries the risk that the song could also get to illegal download platforms. That could reduce your income from digital exploitation. From an economic point of view, we therefore recommend promotion at the same time or shortly after the official release.

Because we only want to promote songs with real chances to become a club hit or at least get a decent amount of plays in certain formats, we of course need some time to first discuss in the DarkTraxx team which of the requested songs we want to promote. In order to gather all the necessary artist information for the promotion, 2 weeks before the planned mailout would be a good time window, but in most cases we can do it in 5 days.

We only offer a promotion for the DJs. Usually they contact the bands or labels directly for further promo or booking inquiries.
However, if we receive a corresponding request, we will of course forward it to you.

The DJs from our pool are used to the fact that we don´t make any feedback evaluation. That’s why they don’t even write their opinion about certain songs. If your song is well received, you will only notice how often it appears in the playlists.

About 50% of our DJs are not only playing in clubs, but also have radio and online formats.

You can see the plays of most of the established scene webradios in Germany at our cooperation partner at If you are not yet listed as an artist there, you can write to the operator and we are optimistic that he will include you in the screening for free of charge after a DarkTraxx promotion.

Since there is no further promotion or feedback evaluation, there are no additional costs. The promotion price of 80 € + VAT per song is also the final price for you.

You will receive an official invoice with all tax relevant details. Our price is plus 19% VAT. We recommend payment by bank transfer.

Our business model is to offer the maximum spreading of the song at the lowest possible price by emailing its download link and short information about the release to over 900 DJs over 40 different countries. The enormous amount of work involved in evaluating hundreds of feedback forms would drive up the promo price enormously and not bring the song one more additional play.

Also for the DJs it is a big relief that they don’t have to give feedback and one of the reasons why DarkTraxx is so popular with them.

If we agree on the execution of a promotion, we need from you the song as MP3 in 320 kbit resolution, the cover of the release, an artist photo as jpg, a list of the artist websites, a contact E-Mail that should be specified, as well as a short info text about the release including a short artist presentation (if available, please also in German and English). If there is a professional video clip of the song, please also send us its Youtube link.